Gear lust is a terrible thing.  I got a Boss RC50 and
worked up a tune called
Threeve (10.3 MB).  It's distorted
cuz really I was just trying to remember the groove.  Now if
I ever play a live guitar loop gig I got at least one tune.

    While I'm working on Electron Beach, the new
Cellotron recording, and the Tailspin Recovery project,
you should in the meantime check out this track from
mp3.com days of yore:  
Skyball (5.66 MB) is from 2000
when I was in Boston.  

Sometimes noise sounds good.  
f3rnozzl3x (3.1MB)
resulted from messing with
Michael Oster's Reaktor
ensembles.  Caution: noise.

Jammed with
Tom Kersey on cello the other night.  Two
cellotron 1 (2.9 MB) and cellotron 2 (7MB) tell the
story.  More info in
News.  Hopefully more collab on the

Getting lots of downloads of this new and incomplete thing
Chair I Die In (10.1 MB) which might need to be on
Electron Beach.  First I have to finish it.  Transitions are
kind of sudden right now, need to be blended.  Maybe not
so much on the breakbeat.

Came up with
be that (3.27MB), which is more of a study
than anything else.  Weird.  Also, two older tunes are now
Peace is a Joke (5.84MB) from 1998 and
Hellspent (3.66MB), which is a guitar work-out.  

Two tunes,
Drift Beyond (17.9MB), and Darkwood
(9.08MB), from last night's laptronica live P.A. at Dragon
Veins, uploaded.  Yes, Drift Beyond is 20 minutes long
and repetitive, and the cool stuff only starts a third of the
way through.  Just turn it on and forget about it; maybe
look at some art.  

Added this mp3 of
Type II Error (4.78MB), a jam with Q,
generally moshed up.  It is a Desmotron track, but should
be included in the forthcoming CD
Electron Beach.  
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